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*NEW* report - 8 Profiles of Digital Inequalities

Finally, the graphic translation of my conceptual exercise on 8 profiles of digital inequalities is finished. Together with my colleague Dr. Dorien Baelden, we finalized a theoretical report about the underlying theoretical basis of the following 8 profiles for digital inequalities:

- Digital Outcasts

- Hopelessly Undigital

- Digital Fighters

- Smoothly Digital

- Digital All-Stars

- Unexpected Digital Masters

- Unexpected Digital Outcasts

- Digitally Self-Excluded

Each of the profiles was transformed into hands-on and ready-to-use flash cards, and a comprehensive A2 poster. All three items can be downloaded for free, and used. In the upcoming weeks, we will actively work on different working methods in which the flash cards can be used for processes of (self-)reflection about digital exclusion; and on developing customized e-inclusion strategies for each profile.

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